Physics Comparison: Jumping and Collecting Coins

Do the physics for Mario remain the same across game styles? Or do they differ? It’s easy to check.

I created a very simply level. Run from the start until SMB3’s Mario puts his arms out, then place a hole.

For play through, Mario runs until the end of the ground jumps, lands on a Koopa Troopa at an exact spot, and bounces off. The L button was held immediately after pressing (-) to start the level, ensuring Mario would jump his max height, and the jump button was held the entire time starting with the first jump.

Below are Mario’s trails.

In most styles, it looks like Mario reaches the same heights on both the initial jump and the bounce off the Koopa Troopa. NSMB looks like Mario rises sooner and may jump a little higher.

Next up is the coin test. Adding coins to the jumps, which coins does Mario collect?

Although not shown here, in each style, Mario jumped at the same spot, and bounced off the Koopa Troopa in the same spot, as in the prior images. I could reproduce the coin collection repeatedly without effort in the SMB, SMB3, and SMW styles. However, I was unable to reproduce the coin collection from those styles when using the NSMB style. Mario appears to go higher a tiny bit earlier in this style, but any extra height in his jump doesn’t allow him to grab the highest coins.