My Levels

Super Mario Bros.

World 1

SMB World 1

World 2

SMB World 2

World 3

SMB World 3

World 4

SMB 4-1: Acorn Forest 88F7-0000-0220-B801
SMB 4-2: Hammer Bros. Turf 0074-0000-0231-B053
SMB 4-3: Bayside Bridges 70E0-0000-0231-B416
SMB 4-4: Fragmented Fortress D7B6-0000-0231-B5DC

World 5

SMB 5-1: Parched Bridgway 3FE6-0000-0234-F014
SMB 5-2: Brick Cavern 396F-0000-0234-F16A
SMB 5-3: Koopa Lake 972E-0000-0234-F31C
SMB 5-4: Bowser’s Labyrinth A4CA-0000-023A-708A

World 6

SMB 6-1: Koopa Gorge 3E09-0000-023B-0FDF

World A

10-Second Mario

Single Screen Mario

Keep-Running Mario

For an easy win, before starting the level, press and hold the run button, the jump button, and right on the D-pad, all at the same time. Hold these buttons until you have completed the level.