Placing Hidden Blocks [SMB]

There are two rules to live by when placing hidden blocks:

  1. Do not place the hidden block where hitting it will knock the player into a hole.
  2. Do not place a block where hitting it will likely knock the player into an enemy.

The first rule is fairly ironclad. The second has a little bit of leeway, so long as the block is at a reasonable height. You can see these rules in play in the hidden block placement in Super Mario Bros.

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A Difficult First Mushroom [SMB]

When designing one-off levels, it’s good advice to give the player the first Super Mushroom in an easy and safe environment. If you number your levels so a player knows there’s a progression, it’s understandable to make later levels more difficult. If the player likes your level design, even if a bit difficult, they will want to check your other levels, and will play through them in order.

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Floating Pipes [SMB]

Floating pipes first appeared in Super Mario Bros., in World 5-1 and World 6-2. These appearances set the initial foundation for a floating pipe. The Lost Levels further defined their use. Following the rules set by these games will improve the appearance of floating (and hanging) pipes in levels designed using Super Mario Bros. mode.

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