Placing Hidden Blocks [SMB]

There are two rules to live by when placing hidden blocks:

  1. Do not place the hidden block where hitting it will knock the player into a hole.
  2. Do not place a block where hitting it will likely knock the player into an enemy.

The first rule is fairly ironclad. The second has a little bit of leeway, so long as the block is at a reasonable height. You can see these rules in play in the hidden block placement in Super Mario Bros.

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A Difficult First Mushroom [SMB]

When designing one-off levels, it’s good advice to give the player the first Super Mushroom in an easy and safe environment. If you number your levels so a player knows there’s a progression, it’s understandable to make later levels more difficult. If the player likes your level design, even if a bit difficult, they will want to check your other levels, and will play through them in order.

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